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StevexWinterSoldier!ReaderxBucky-Switched (Ch. 2)
StevexWinterSoldier!ReaderxBucky - Switched (Chapter Two: Night Before Being Shipped) 
Setting: Beginning of the first Captain America Movie
Contains: Cussing?
I suck I suck I suck and I suck. I suck at everthing. So finally, an update. Enjoy! This probably isn't gonna follow the movie exactly, I hate having to watch movies and trying to like you know put it into story form. So it'll be similar. Also, I might change pov's around tbh. Just cus I want to lol.
Also, as I've researched, women weren't allowed to be part of combat. Well there were some people in the Airforce but they weren't recognized till 1970. Even though there was people like Peggy Carter and was part of the SSR right? Strategic Science Reserve. Idk it's probably easier for a woman to get into that then the army, but I like to say that Reader would prefer to go out into like the front lines and actually fight-fight in the war then fight like behind the scenes or something. Not saying i
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TheDoctorxTimeLord!Reader-Having To Be Alone(Ch.2)
Series: The DoctorxTimeLord!Reader - Having to be Alone (Chapter Two: Doctor... Who?)
Setting: You're just in your TARDIS during Series 1. huehue.
Contains: Nothing. You get to imagine what your TARDIS looks like, I have no idea what to have it like so... 
(Form) = Image of your TARDIS I guess. whomp. Also my last reader, :iconKei-lala: so my reference to Hetalia with Alfred ;u; Although, I put his last name as Royce instead of like Jones. LOL.
I edited the last chapter a bet to have Alfred be more like the character in Hetalia if you wanna check it out. 

I wandered back into my (form) TARDIS. Alfred walked behind me. I wandered through the console room and then into a hallway of doors. I walked through it, made a couple of turns here and there, turned around and made more turns, and I finally walked into a door. Alfred plopped down on one of the couches that was in the library.
"Why is your TARDIS so difficult to navigate?" He whined.
I shrugged
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PietroxReader - Life in Color (One-Shot)
PietroxReader - Life in Color (One-Shot)
Setting: AOU
Contains: Violence, cussing, two alternate endings c:, Brutasha is still a thing. A slight change for Peggy Carter. Not accurate towards AOU
This is going to be an AU soulmate thing. It's based of some of those soulmate stuff from Tumblr. It's when you see everything in black and white but when you first touch your soulmate, you see life in color c;
Song: Life in Color by OneRepublic
Seeing the world in black and white was such a struggle. You've always wanted to see what the color red looked like or the color blue. You always wanted to know what your favorite color would be too. What sucked the most was that basically your entire team, save for Steve, was able to see color. Tony and Pepper, Bruce and Natasha (that one surprised you), Clint and whoever, and Thor and Jane. You and Steve thought perhaps maybe it was the two of you, sinc
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Fandoms in Marching Band
Doctor Who
Ninth Doctor: Trumpet. He gives off that trumpet feel.
Rose Tyler: Flute. LOL FLUTE FEEL. She's like soft and delicate but even so, the flute can be totally amazing.
Captain Jack Harkness: Bassdrum. He really does look like a bassdrum like. I see bassdrums as badasses, Jack Harkness can be a badas.
Tenth Doctor: Kazoo (LOLLL) or well hmm. Synth cus of that one episode.
Martha Jones: Flute or Clarinet. Same description for the flute from Rose's. Although, for the clarinet it's because we're total badasses. And we're typically heard. We're just the awesomest section everrrrrr.
Donna Noble: Mellophone. LOL THE MELLO FEEL.
Eleventh Doctor: Once again, Kazoo. LOL. or maybe Tympani or Euphonium/Trombone. Tympani cus he reminds me of my friend who plays tymp. Also my friend whenever he's in the middle of a show he like makes these intense faces and gets really into it and I feel like the Eleven would too. Trombone because it reminded me of that one meme of when mom isn't h
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AvengersxReader - Ordinary (2/4)
AvengersxReader - Ordinary (2/4)
Setting: Before AOU. Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD before Skye got her powers.
Contains: Violence, torture(?), cussing.
Enjoy! Oh, I also created the myth, it's not an actual myth. I changed it to 4 parts because this one was getting rather long.

"Thor, aren't you going to explain to us what's going on?" Steve questioned as he approached the Asgardian god. 
"I can explain on the way but we need to land. I can call Heimdall and we'll be able to go to Asgard," Thor insisted. Tony walked towards him and slightly shoved Steve to the side where Steve glared at him a bit.
"Wait, you want all of us?" Tony asked.
"Not sure I want to go to a city with a bunch of 'immortals'," Clint set the quinjet on autopilot (Set to land). 
"Does this even concern us?" Natasha crossed her arms.
"Seeing that this girl was experimented on by Hydra, yes, it does concern all of you." The exit opened and all of them started to exit out, following Th
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AvengersxReader - Ordinary (1/4)
AvengersxReader - Ordinary (1/4)
Setting: Before AOU cus I don't wanna complicate anything. or have some people who couldn't watch the movie can't read this c:
Contains: Torture by experimentation, cussing, violence.

This will be in 3 parts as 3 of you have asked.

I thought getting out of Manhattan would mean that I wouldn't have to deal with some sort of alien invasion. Well I was right for the most part. I always loved being in the city though so I moved to Seattle instead. I never heard of anything going on there. But the third month I was there, there wasn't an alien invasion. More like Hydra invasion. From the downfall of SHIELD and all of those helicarriers falling in DC, I wouldn't of thought anything would happen here in Seattle. But of course, I just had to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I was just inside a huge business building when Hydra agents came fl
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StevexLithromantic!Reader-I Hate It (One-shot)
Steve RogersxLithromantic!Reader - I Hate It (One-shot)
Setting: I dunno whenever? Probs after AOU cus why the fuck not lol
Warnings: Probs cussing. AOU Spoilers.
So this is random, and today's aromantic day(5/25/15)! For those who don't know, to sum it up being lithromantic is basically liking the idea of being in a romantic relationship (or anything to do with romance) but once in a romantic relationship, they don't enjoy it. Most liths don't want to act on it or have it reciprocated because of being lithromantic. 
For a while now, I, had been feeling like this. I never understood it over the last 3 guys (and only 'official' guys I guess) I've been "with" (it's complicated). I didn't know what I was feeling but this is what it was. Fortunately, my other friend had actually felt the same and found the word to define the two of us. For those who don't know, finding the word and finding out other people are like you and just finding that you can fit u
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Tenth!DoctorxReader - In the Background (1/2)
Tenth!DoctorxReader - In the Background (1/2) [Valentine's Day special]
Setting: Probably after Donna? But can honestly be any time. 
Contains: Possible confusion for you to read, I'm writing this differently then my other stories. You'll find out how once you do. Is explained in the description. Otherwise, contains nothing else.

Oh Valentine's Day, the day where couple's would get together and do something cute. Or when someone confuses to their crush and either get rejected or a new couple forms. I didn't like it that much. I've been single, for a rather very long time. Actually, I've never had a boyfriend. I'm only 22 though, so I'm still young. 
I would often sit in this cafe, doing my school work near the window. It was kinda nice in that little spot. It was always my spot. I could look over the cafe and take in everything. I would learn how to read body language and how one person's relationship is with the other. If they're together, friend
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SupernaturalxReader - It Runs in the Family
SupernaturalxReader - It Runs in the Family
Setting: After Gabriel's 'death'
Contains: You guys watch Supernatural, I think you got it.
Oh right, this is based off an imagine from "Imagine Sam and Dean finding out you're a nephilim and Gabriel is your father." There are some amazing writer's on there so you should go check it out~ and their imagines are pretty cool. X3
I didn't really know much about my dad. All I knew was that he was an angel. Specifically an archangel, Gabriel. My mom didn't tell me much about him. Only that he was often like a trickster to other people but he had fallen in love with my mom. My mom died, cancer. Gabriel shouldn't of had known. How would he if he's dead? At least, that's what I heard from the demons.
Alright, so basically after I turned 18 and learned how to use most of my powers properly that's when I start
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SupernaturalCastxShort!Reader - Damn You...!
Supernatural!CastxShort!Reader - Damn you...! (One-shot)
Setting: Before Season 9's finale! And in real life
Contains: Violence and cussing. 
Important!!: You're actual name is the "actresses's" name and Amethyst (heheh) is the character you play. You are also 4'11 because that's my damn height so sucks to suck [I know it sucks doesn't it, shorty?] Oh shut it. 

-----[Fail #1]-----
"Amethyst, I know you're in there. Please, snap out of it," Sammy pleaded. Currently, Amethyst was tied to a chair in the middle of a devil's trap. If you were too look on her chest (the same area as Sam and Dean with the anti-possession circle) you could notice that it wasn't fully made. Meaning, Amethyst was possessed by a demon. Dean stood behind Sam, letting him do the work.
"Oh, Sammy boy. She isn't strong enough you know," The demon in her laughed. She blinked showing her demon eyes and blinked again. Dean quickly walked over to Amethyst and grabbed her shou
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Hetalia Mochis by FiniteDreams Hetalia Mochis :iconfinitedreams:FiniteDreams 1 0
Tenth!DoctorxReader - Full of Stars (One-shot)
Tenth!DoctorxReader - Full of Stars (One-shot)
Setting: Anytime with the Doctor, probably sometime after Rose/Martha though since he's already fallen for you~
Contains: The usual of Doctor who maybe some cussing. 
I kinda got this idea after reading an imagine of how the Doctor (11) like falls in love with you after looking at your eyes and then listening to A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay and thennn thinking about my own crush and how sometimes we just look at each other and stare into each other's eyes ANDD remembering this once did you know fact on  how strangers can fall in love after staring at each other into their eyes after a couple of seconds ANDDDD that lovers/soulmates' hearts start to beat in sync after staring at each other's eyes. 

A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay
'Cause you're a sky, cause you're a sky full of stars
I'm gonna give you my heart
'Cause you're a sky
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TheDoctorxTimeLord!Reader-Having to be Alone(Ch.1)
Series: The DoctorxTimeLord!Reader - Having to be Alone (Chapter One: First Meeting)
Setting: In this one, it's just with the Ninth Doctor and Rose! c: It's also Christmas... ish.
Contains: The usual of Doctor Who I guess?
I don't really know where I'm going with this one to be honest, but I'm just winging it by now. BTW Your name is The Knight. Just like how Doctor has a 'human' name, John Smith, when/if I do that for Knight, it'll be (Y/n) (L/n). Lulz. Your Gallifreyen name... Probably won't be said in here. Maybe.. Depends. You're on your first incarnation, so no you didn't regenerate at all... Yet! I was thinking, if each incarnation is kinda like, a different personality/fashion sense... Ah, whatever you'll understand it later. Just pop a comment if you're confused or have some questions/suggesstions on anything. YOU'RE ALSO AMERICAN. OR WELL YOU HAVE AN AMERICAN ACCENT. 

I ran over to one of the levers and pushed it down. I twirled around
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Eleventh!DoctorxReaderxTenth!Doctor - To Move On
Eleventh!DoctorxReaderxTenth!Doctor - To Move On (One-shot)
Setting: After Ten's regeneration </3 
Contains: Meh. 
Enjoy~  and just like... go along with you being able to do what you do while he regenrates okay LOL

"Please, please don't go..." I cried as I held onto the Doctor. "I... I love you!" I held the Doctor's collar as he held me by the waist. The Doctor... He had saved Wilfred, Donna's grandfather, and in the end he had to regenerate. But I couldn't let him do that, I... I fell so hard for him, it was difficult to let go. 
"What will I do without you? I'm going to miss you, your hair, your eyes, everything. You saying 'Allons-y!'" 
The Doctor looked at me with loving eyes. He moved his glowing hand and carressed my face. I leaned into the touch and put my hand over his. The Doctor was crying but not as bad as me... 
"Don't... Don't worry, I'll still be the same old Doctor... Just know, I will always love you,
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StevexWinterSoldier!ReaderxBucky-Switched (Ch. 1)
StevexWinterSoldier!ReaderxBucky - Switched (Chapter One: In the Beginning) 
Setting: During the Great Depression, when Steve, Bucky and Reader-chan were still kids. Maybe around age 14~
Contains: Violence 

I don't really know much about the comics besides some stuff here and there. But I do know that Steve and Buck met around the age 13 when he was getting bullied. 
So I did my research and... Steve was 12 when Bucky, who was 13, stepped in front of some bullies. So I wanna say that Bucky was born in 1917. You're birthdate will be either from July 4th, 1918-July 3rd, 1919 depending on your month of your birthday and stuff XD. Depending on your birthday you will either be 1-2 year younger than Bucky and a day-1 year younger than Steve.

Enjoy! (Psst I'm basing the information
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SupernaturalxReader - Dumbbbb
SupernaturalxReader - Dumbbbb 
Setting: Season 10 Hurhur
Contains: Cussing, violence(?), the usual 
A/N: I thought I would write a couple of stories that popped in my head. See if I could fall asleep... They're short though~ Enjoy!

Alright so, you know how you would have an obsession over a TV show or movie or whatever and you would daydream about the characters coming to find you etc etc. That sort of thing? Even though sometimes when you would read fanfictions it would seem outright silly? But hey, it's a guilty pleasure am I right? No? I'm alone. Oh... I guess it's just me then but at this point, it doesn't matter. Cus this? This is fucking reality. Fucking reality. WAIT, NO. DON'T FUCK WITH REALITY THAT'S BAD KIDS! But at the same time fuck all you want so you don't have to be a virgin for some sadistic ritual. Fucking's good for you, just, use protection.
So, onto what I was saying before. So those daydreams and when you would write them down but neve
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Dick Grayson x Reader Can't Cut It (2/2)
Dick Grayson - Robin - sidekick to Batman.
Of course he wouldn't tell anyone that willingly. Perhaps if someone invaded his mind and managed to pass through his mental defenses then they just might be able to realize that he was one of the caped duo that kept Gotham safe, or maybe they would find out because of some stupid mistake he made.
For example, suppose you kiss your dance partner's hand and run off right when Robin appears? Not the greatest way to disappear and make an appearance. Already he could spot the curious looks his masked partner was giving him - and not to mention he still had that freaking red string on his finger. How the heck would he hide that thing from her? It was obvious evidence that he was the same person!
"I really should have thought this through." He grumbled.
"YES. You should have!" Laughed Joker as he walked towards Robin, woman still in his arms. "Now this woman will die and it's your fault!"
"Not happening."
Robin was about to inte
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 173 26
Dick Grayson x Reader Can't Cut It (1/2)
"No no no!"
Dick Grayson sighed heavily that very morning when he had lifted his hand to cover his eyes from the sun. It was only until then that he had realized that there was a signature red string wrapped tightly around it. Horrified at this revelation, he quickly ran back inside the Wayne manor to catch a pair of scissors.
"No way. This can't be happening." 
"Master Richard?"
Dick paid no mind to Alfred as he clumsily searched through the drawers of the kitchen. Having found the scissors in the knife drawer - he pulled them out quickly and attempted to cut the string attached to his finger. He began to grow frustrated as this little tiny thread would not cut.
"For goodness' sake - what are you doing cutting at nothing but air?"
Alfred stared at Dick and Dick stared back. After a few seconds of silence, Dick slowly put the scissors back on the counter, and threw a tired hand through his hair. 
"My red string appeared."
Alfred's confused features
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A Frozen Rescue ~Dick Grayson/Robin X Reader Prt 2
Part 2~
 Then you remember that Batman gave you the laser, with a struggle to keep your hand still, you laser the lock and the lock is broken. You let out a sigh of relief and open the door. You quickly peek outside and see Batman fighting Mr. Freeze.
  “I’m out!” You say in the communicator. “I can’t lift Robin, I need you to do it.”
  “Alright, you need to distract Mr. Freeze.” He says as you watch him grapnel away. You quickly grapple onto a rail and front flip over it. You land only twenty feet away from Freeze.
  “Hey Popsicle, you miss me?” You say with a grin as warmth has finally welcomed your new found energy once more.
  “Don’t insult me, girl!” Mr. Freeze said angrily as he moved around to see you. “You’ll be lucky if that boy lives, just like my wife Nora.” He blasts his freeze ray at you and you quickly roll behind a counter. Cold air quickly blankets yo
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Scalding Hot (Nightwing x Reader)
"GRAYSON!" You shouted at your best friend. As he was taking forever to eat his breakfast. He was munching down on a bowl of Captain Crunch, and taking forever mind you.
Dick replied in a series of desperate grunts, as his mouth was full of cereal. You smirked at your friend and poured some coffee for yourself. You had met Dick through a mutual friend and had instantly hit it off, so when you had both revealed you wanted to work in Blüdhaven, there was no doubt to who your roommate would be.
Now he's a cop, and you're a paramedic, both equally important jobs, though Dick was the one that never gets any sleep. With his overtime at night, and his work during the day, he only ever slept on off days.
Once Dick finished his breakfast, and was ready to go, you both piled into his car, as he'd drop you off at work before making his way to the police department. Once at work, you thanked him and went inside.
Everything seemed to be like it was every work day, work, home, sleep and repeat.
:iconhannikan-skywalker:Hannikan-Skywalker 388 90
Flames - Dick Grayson x Reader
   Footsteps sounded from the hallway, causing panic to set in as you slowly backed further into the linen closet. Dick stood by the door, listening carefully to any movement on the other side of the door. Dick glanced back at you, giving you a small grin. Just then, a loud bang was heard on the other side of the door causing the two of you to burst out in laughter.
    Dick pushed the door open to reveal the hallway that was covered with white, red and blue frosting. Two people stood in the hallway, both wearing murderous looks on their faces. Dick looked at Bruce and his random lady friend.
    “What is the meaning of this?” the female screeched, wiping the frosting off her face and dress.
    Bruce looked between both Dick and you, “[Name], Dick, clean this mess up. Right now,” he spoke, his voice full of disappointment and anger.
    “Oh, come on, it was just a pr
:iconlatte-to-go:latte-to-go 208 57
Witty Banter (Nightwing x Reader)
Living in Gotham City has its faults, but it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. I mean sure, there’s a few crazies running around every once and a while, but aside from that, and the lack of sunlight, it’s a generally decent place to live. College isn’t that different of a story, living on campus has its perks, mostly due to the fact that there’s around the clock security.
Unfortunately for you, tonight was different. The alarm really should’ve tipped you off that the guard system was down, but that adventurous spirit that you have within you would never let you leave without deciphering what was going on. So you ran the opposite way of your classmates, straight to the security office.
Once stepping inside, you gasped, as you noticed two security guards, shot in the head, lying face down on their key boards. At this point, any sane person, that wasn’t going into criminology, would call the police, and pray that they wouldn’t be sho
:iconhannikan-skywalker:Hannikan-Skywalker 342 42
SPS 27 by yoralim SPS 27 :iconyoralim:yoralim 267 98 Echotale by sasucchi95 Echotale :iconsasucchi95:sasucchi95 1,212 37 In Your Memeory by yuumei In Your Memeory :iconyuumei:yuumei 17,529 624
Annoyances (Kyoya Ootori x Reader)
You absolutely loathed that girl. It had all started a very short while ago. You had simply been standing with your friends in Music Room #3, next to Kyoya, all of you watching Tamaki's continuous attempts to woo the newest addition to the club, Haruhi. A perfectly normal day in the Host Club, really.
That was, until, Haruhi had noticed the petite girl watching the group of you from behind the doorframe. Hikaru and Kaoru went to greet her, and Tamaki, always eager, was not far behind. You furrowed your brows, turning to Kyoya to ask if he knew who she was, until your attention was immediately drawn back to the door.
"No! Don't touch me, you're phony!" The dirty-blonde's shrill voice had rung out, making you flinch. She had proceeded to shower Tamaki in insults, almost bringing him to tears. The unanimous gasp from the host club was followed by the blonde teen throwing himself about dramatically, unable to believe that someone had called him a fake.
You had s
:iconally1001:Ally1001 1,114 135
Matt Murdock x Villain!Reader: Antihero [2/3]
[This is a continuation of Hero. If you have not read this please click on the following link: Matt Murdock x Villain!Reader: Hero [1/3] ]
There was a noticeable increase in profit after what was labeled as the downfall of Wilson Fisk. After the fall of the Roman Empire came the Dark Ages and it seemed that Hell's Kitchen was going through a similar transition. Without the Russians, the Japanese and Madame Gao's heroin trade the city's petty criminals and drug addicts all came to you.
You worked efficiently; expanding all of your trades to levels that Fisk never got to. Heroin wasn't the long drug that had begun to be distributed throughout Hell's Kitchen. You had expanded the list of options, in a manner of speaking, to almost all the drugs that could be thought of. You were observant; being the one to quickly notice the gangs forming in different parts of the city. You offered them the weapons they wo
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Remember the Fallen (Matt Murdock x Dead!Reader)
(A/N: May contain spoilers from Season 1, Episode 4! Read at your own risk!)
He woke up with a start, his heart nearly jumping out of his chest.
Matthew sniffled, his breath lacking energy. It was around 11 P.M. when he had awaken from sleep.
The dream was about her again. His friend, (y/n) (l/n), who he befriended years ago. She'd always been on his mind since the day they met.
Unlike his other friends, Foggy or Karen, (y/n) kept to herself. Don't misunderstand, she loved to talk to them, especially with Karen. They had so much in common and she was eager to find more friends, but that wasn't why she was in his thoughts.
Matt cared a lot about (y/n).
He'd been very protective of her and as protective as he could, this time, he needed the protecting.
The group of friends were walking down the sidewalk, casually chatting about the fax machine that Karen brought in the other day.
"… I swear to God, that fax machine must play favorites or something! When
:iconlocamikimocha:LocaMikiMocha 70 5
Matt Murdock x Villain!Reader: Hero [1/3]
        You wondered why an abandoned warehouse on the far east side of Hell's Kitchen was the preferred location your boss chose to carry out the executions. It was a rather obvious place for such things to happen. The warehouses near the docks weren't used anymore for a reason that you didn't know and perhaps the isolated location was what persuaded your boss to choose this location. You didn't know really, but the cliche decision of picking such a spot annoyed you.
You were an elite assassin trained by some of the most deadly and secretive people on the planet. You were never given the luxury of deciding what it is you wanted to do with your life; all of that was chosen for you from a very young age. The only thing that you really were in this life was an expensive weapon that could be bought, sold or traded throughout the underworld of crime. There was nothing you could do to get out of this slavery you were forced to live in. You had tried to leave, just o
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Complete Map of Narnia by JamisonHartley Complete Map of Narnia :iconjamisonhartley:JamisonHartley 45 17
It's Your Turn (Pevensies x reader)
"Right. Ok. What do I do?! Calm down, (y/n). In situations like these, it's always best to stay calm."
If anyone else had been around to hear your dazed babbling, they would have thought you had gone crazy. But then again, at the moment, you yourself were wondering if you had finally lost it. You wouldn't have blamed them.
Being a rational person, you were highly aware that what had just happened to you seemed to make no sense, but you knew that panicking was most certainly not the answer to your current dilemma. you breathed deeply, pinching your side to verify that you were, indeed, awake.
"Alright," you murmured to yourself, "this is actually happening, and I need to figure out where I am."
Standing to your feet, you jogged towards the edge of the cliff you had recently appeared on, but the sight that greeted you as you reached its brink was enough to stop you in your tracks.
Below you, a beach of smooth white sand stretched to your left as far as the eye could see, with waves from
:iconevilvillanfangirl:evilvillanfangirl 14 7
Final Fantasy X: Awkward Laugh Scene by behindinfinity Final Fantasy X: Awkward Laugh Scene :iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 738 44



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StevexWinterSoldier!ReaderxBucky - Switched
- Chapter Two: Night Before Being Shipped (40% Done) [2]
SupernaturalxReader - The Daughter
- Chapter One: The Start (4% Done) [TBD]
HiccupxReader - The Stars in the Knight
- Chapter One: Ship-Wrecked (80% Done) [TBD]
The DoctorxTimeLord!Reader - Having to be Alone
- Chapter Two: (0% Done) [1]
HetaliaxReader - World Academy Marching Band
- Chapter One: _____ (0% Done) [6]

StevexReader - Just My Day (0% Done) [3]
AvengersxReader - Ordinary (0% Done) (Four part actually) [4]
Eleventh!DoctorxReader - In the Background (2/2) (0% Done) [5]

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Hey guys, I realized I'm way more active on tumblr, I have my own Narnia x Reader (or imagines blog, however you want to call it) blog over there. Which is actually called knightofnarnia if you guys want to check it out. 

Anyways, I'll be moving all my Marvel works on deviantArt to my Marvel blog called knightofmarvel lmao. So there won't be any plagiarism or anything there. I think the reason why I've updated more on my Narnia blog then here is because I go on tumblr almost every day. I barely come here anymore so I think it's best if I just pack my bags and go over there. I might stay around just because some of the fanfics here are pretty good but mer. If anything, I'll update more over on my Tumblr blog. I'll continue Switched over there too! Also, I'll accept requests over there, once I open up my requests, sooner or later... 

If you guys don't have a tumblr, however, comment below! I'd like to know if I should still update on here and tumblr, my tumblr account will just have it upload faster, though. 



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Koikii Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
jdfjskfhsjdf thank you so so much for the points!
It means a lot, thanks a lot!
LadyofLegends Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016  Student Writer
thanks for the fave. :) Can you tell me why you liked it?
FiniteDreams Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, I favorited your A Woman Can, right? I just really enjoyed how you made the reader so empowered. Especially as a woman and everything. I'm a feminist myself so I really enjoyed reading it. :) And no problem! 
95Jezzica Featured By Owner Edited Nov 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
:tighthug: Thank you so much for the fave on the update of Hetalia Islands! :tighthug:
MoonThorne239 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday darling!
FiniteDreams Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
This is super late but thank you so much!!! c:
MoonThorne239 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy to, hope you had a good time!
WriterAntics Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015
Hey ;D I just wanted to mention that my friend Mandy and I created a group yesterday, InfiniteCuddlesWorld and wondered if you would check it out?? You can submit anything ^-^

Thank you<333
FiniteDreams Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I checked it out! :)
WriterAntics Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015
Thanks hun<333
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